HFALDM series of laser diode driver modules

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Fisba Photonics introduces the HFALDM series of ultrafast and compact analogue laser diode driver modules for TO-housed high power laser diodes.

Depending on the selected laser diode, optical signals with arbitrary waveforms and frequencies of more than 100MHz can be externally biased. Alternatively light pulses down to 5ns duration can be triggered using an external voltage signal. The maximum laser diode currents ranges up to 2A.

The laser diodes are fixed installed and are offered pre-collimated on demand. Currently modules with 405nm, 450nm, 520nm and 638nm are available. More wavelengths and a fibre coupled version will be available soon.

The module is ideally suited for frequency based fluorescent lifetime imaging. Time resolved opto-analytical measurements and external illumination of TOF-sensors are further designated applications.

Due to the versatile design the integration into complex devices or installations is quick and easy. Changes to application specific mechanical needs will be supported. Custom specific configurations with higher drive currents and modulation frequencies up to 50MHz can be offered.