High-power diode laser arrays

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Dilas has released high-power diode laser arrays operating at 1940nm with wall plug efficiencies of >10 per cent. With proprietary epitaxy, these high-power diode laser arrays can be principally integrated into all Dilas packages, ranging from single-bar configurations up to large-scale stack modules, which can include hundreds of bars per module.

Based on a single diode laser array, Dilas’ new generation 1940nm conduction-cooled, fibre-coupled diode laser modules generate output power of 6W, 12W, and 18W, using a standard 600µm fiber bundle with a numerical aperture of <0.22 and SMA-905 fibre connector.

Easily integrated into OEM equipment, these sealed, conduction-cooled, fibre-coupled modules feature options like visible pointer, serial fibre interlocks, and user exchangeable protection window, providing maximum flexibility for integrating into larger systems.

The new 1940nm fibre coupled diode laser modules are primarily targeted at the medical (therapeutic dermatology and surgery) and industrial markets (material processing applications). 

Dilas 1550nm laser diode modules are based on its single-bar and multi-bar configurations, depending on the customer’s need. Modules in the range of 1550nm are shipped with 400µm, NA 0.22, SMA fibres that deliver 5-30W output powers in the range of 1550nm, depending upon the number of diode bars integrated into the module.