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French laser specialists Amplitude Systèms has released the Tangerine, which is the latest in a range of ultrafast lasers based upon direct diode pumping of ytterbium doped gain materials.  

Distributed by Pro-Lite Technology, Tangerine is a high average power, ultrafast fibre laser.  It offers a high average power and a high output energy for improved process productivity. 

Tangerine is the first ultrafast fibre laser to offer high average power as well as high output energy. With its extremely high repetition rate (up to 30MHz) and excellent beam quality, Tangerine combines the high quality traditionally associated with ultrafast laser micro-machining with the processing speed required for industrial applications. The Tangerine is specified as standard with 20W average power in either 10ps or 700fs versions and with 15W output combined with sub 100fs pulses. Pulse energies are up to 10µJ.  It can also be customised and tailored to special requirements, making it the perfect system for research and industrial applications. 

Tangerine is built on a hermetically sealed monolithic housing for improved stability. It features advanced optical performance, a complete set of on-board diagnostics and simple control electronics. Tangerine is the ideal tool for ultrafast micro- and nano-scale machining, nonlinear optics studies, nanophotonics, and life science applications.