High-power, water-cooled diode laser arrays

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Dilas has released a series of high-power, water-cooled diode laser arrays used in scalable stack designs that deliver up to 80W CW per bar at standard wavelength of 808nm, 940nm and 980nm for industrial applications.

Manufacturing under the industries toughest standards to deliver the highest beam quality and stability, Dilas’ stack designs are available up to 12 bars horizontally side-by-side or vertically stacked with up to 70 diode laser bars. 

Tested under CW and on/off-operating conditions, these products offer superior lifetime characteristics, high reliability (assuring highest productivity) and lower total cost of ownership.

Dilas' water cooled diode laser arrays are the perfect solution as a line source for side pumping of diode pump solid state lasers, direct materials processing, hair removal and line-beam-applications as well as two-dimensional arrangements for heat treatment and fusion laser applications.