IDL series

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JDSU has expanded the range of available lasers in its industrial diode laser (IDL) series with the introduction of diode lasers offering 100W of CW or pulsed output power at 915nm, 940nm and 965nm. The lasers will be distributed in the UK by Photonic Solutions.

The lasers were previously available in models with 20W or 50W of CW or pulsed output power at 920nm. They incorporate multiple single-emitter diodes, which are less likely to fail than diode bars. In addition, their lifetime is unaffected by pulsed mode operation. In addition, the all-in-glass design of these fibre-delivered diode laser offers superior beam quality in pulsed or CW operation.

This robustness and long life expectancy would be a benefit for many industrial applications. Typical applications for the IDL series include welding, marking and manufacturing applications.

The IDL series is supplied with a 600µm, 0.22NA delivery fibre terminated with an SMA connector. An optional focusing termination provides a round, top hat beam profile that allows for uniform heat distribution at the working distance of 85mm. The air-cooled power-supply may be mounted in standard 19-inch racks.