iFLEX-Adder beam combination system

Point Source, a member of the Qioptiq Group, has launched its iFLEX-Adder 'five into one' fibre-coupled laser beam combination system.

The iFLEX-Adder combines up to five individual lasers in the range 400-640nm into one singlemode, polarisation-maintaining fibre. The system can be used to couple lasers with combined powers of up to 100mW with an overall efficiency of greater than 50 per cent, delivering a circular, Gaussian and non-astigmatic output beam via a range of connectors and optics suitable for integration into a host of imaging applications.

The innovative design and construction ensures that the iFLEX-Adder offers plug and play fibre capability, and future upgrade routes for the experimentalist and can be supplied with or without laser sources. The iFLEX-Adder is fully compatible with the established Point Source range of fibres and fibre-coupled lasers.