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Illumination solutions for microscopy

Photonic Instruments, a supplier of fluorescence excitation and laser ablation end user systems, has introduced OEM solutions based on its Mosaic Digital Illumination and MicroPoint Laser Illumination and Ablation product platforms. The optical designs are readily integrated with confocal and widefield microscope imaging platforms.

Photonic Instruments' Mosaic Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) technology gives OEMs the capability to simultaneously apply pixel-by-pixel illumination to multiple regions of interest and infinitely complex sample geometries with zero delta time - no scanning of the sample and no time lapse between illuminating pixels in the mask. In live cell imaging, for example, this translates to overcoming limitations in imaging spatio-temporal based processes and optimising fluorophore excitation to minimise the unwanted effects of photobleaching, phototoxicity, autofluorescence, and secondary fluorescence.

Photonic Instruments' OEM platforms are modular in design and readily integrated with confocal and widefield imaging systems. Both the MicroPoint galvos and the Mosaic DMDs simple plano-reflective optical designs are readily integrated with the optical designs of confocal and widefield microscopes to provide diffraction limited imaging with minimal loss over a broad spectral range. 

For laser-based systems, an OEM product solution is available that facilitates the adherence to CDRH class I. It requires that the OEM simply install an interlock on the slide cover of its microscope. Additional product support is also available to facilitate the CE marking process and the preparation of user manuals and other e-documentation.

Software Developers' Kits are available to develop custom software for controlling integrated computer controlled MicroPoint and Mosaic systems with OEM's image acquisition and analysis software. Kits include hardware with optics to relay the Galvo or DMD image to a CCD camera, software drivers, and sample code.


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