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Industrial diode stacks

DILAS, the diode laser company, now introduces a device that allows for long pulse length and high duty cycle in high-energy laser applications. This industrial water-cooled, macro-channel, vertical stacks is currently available at 400W per bar in a 8-bar and 12-bar configuration with up to 10% duty cycle at 808nm, 880nm, 940nm and 981nm.

These compact, hard soldered vertical stacks are designed specifically for operation in high energy laser applications requiring high pulse energy in a small dense package. Under the toughest environments, our advanced packaging and high precision optics mounting give you full control allowing fast-axis stack divergence as low as ±3mrad (FWHM).

For low duty cycle applications (≤2%), DILAS offers many conduction-cooled designs (1-bar, 4-bar, 8-bar and 15-bar devices) with similar power per bar. Custom options are available upon request.


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