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DILAS, the diode laser company, offers a 120-watt, high-brightness and high-efficiency device from a tailored bar (T-Bar) based, 976nm, 100-micron, 0.22NA fibre-coupled module.

Through the optimisation of semiconductor chip structures and optical parameters, DILAS’  T-Bar architecture delivers high beam quality and high power using standard micro-optic fast-axis collimators (FAC) and slow-axis collimators (SAC), all assembled with automated processes.

The T-Bar is a monolithic, multi-emitter source, allowing the handling of multiple emitters during each manufacturing step, to lower complexity and ease manufacturing. The result is enhanced reproducibility, beam quality and fibre-coupling efficiency.

DILAS’ T-Bar module is ideal for research and development use in direct diode applications as well as for excitation of Yb3+ doped media (such as fibre lasers or solid state lasers) requiring robust but lightweight high-power, high-brightness diode laser sources.


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