Southern Photonics has announced a new product for its Coherent Solutions range, its IQScope-30G for optical modulation analysis (OMA).

With 30GHz of bandwidth, the IQScope-30G is a complementary product to the higher speed IQScope already on the market and is perfectly suited to measure 100Gb/s signals. Southern Photonics is introducing the IQScope-30G from May through to September with a limited timespan introductory price of under $50,000.

The New Zealand based company has released this new addition to its product range in order to make OMA solutions widely available to all researchers and to increase its market presence in the Coherent Modulation test and measurement field. Only a handful of large telecommunications companies and research laboratories have been able to afford the $250,000 to $800,000 price tag that accompanied the OMA solutions from other competitors.