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IR conversion screens

Laser Components is now offering its infrared (IR) conversion screens that come with 50 x 50mm and 30 x 30mm active areas with the LDT-1064C and LDT-1064CL models, respectively.

The IR conversion screens convert 1064nm light to 550nm green light. Other wavelengths that can be converted are 780-830nm and 870-1070nm. No ultraviolet light activation is required. As the conversion screen substrate is made of ceramic, a 3kW/cm2 of 1064nm continuous wave laser can be directed onto the screen. In contrast, the minimum is 10W/cm2 and green light will still be emitted. The LDT-1064C has a 10mm extension for holding the screen, whereas the LDT-1064CL has 70mm.


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