IRR60-48C/TR8 and PD60-48C/TR8

Everlight Electronics, a leading player in the global LED and optoelectronics industry, introduces a new infrared emitting diode in a miniature SMD package, IRR60-48C/TR8, and a high speed, high sensitive PIN photodiode, PD60-48C/TR8, both sized 6x4.8x1.1mm for oximeter detector applications.

According to past experience, red 660nm together with infrared 905nm appear best to detect the oxygenation of the blood which provides accurate diagnosis on oximeters. EVERLIGHT's IRR60-48C/TR8, together with PD60-48C/TR8, feature such unique optimized wavelengths of red 660nm and infrared 905nm, enabling a most accurate oximeter diagnosis.

The infrared 905nm can also be customized upon request to 940nm or 910nm. Furthermore, both IRR60-48C/TR8 and PD60-48C/TR8 are discrete designs which allow the feasibility on use, no matter if the oximeter requires a transmission or reflective design.

Both products are Pb free and will remain within RoHS compliant version.