IX 6100 ChromaDice

J. P. Sercel Associates (JPSA), a US-based supplier of integrated micro machining systems, has introduced its IX 6100 ChromaDice solid state laser scribing system, which delivers high speed wafer scribing alongside an automated wafer handling system. The IX 6100 provides LED manufacturers the ability to increase production throughput with narrow, 2.5µm kerf widths.

The company's IX-6600 ChromAblate is an excimer laser system for LED lift-off, via drilling, micromachining, thin film patterning and many other semiconductor processing applications. The IX-6600 is engineered for 24/7 industrial production with a high degree of flexibility and configurability. The system features dual cassette loading ports, production-grade robotics, wafer pre-aligners and vision, all combined in a user-friendly Class I laser system.