J-10MT-10KHZ EnergyMax

Coherent has extended its EnergyMax series of laser energy sensors to enable measurement of very low energy pulses - down to the 100nJ level. The J-10MT-10KHZ delivers a single-pulse noise equivalent energy level of 10nJ on 100nJ pulses (i.e., without averaging), and can operate at repetition rates as high as 10kHz. 

The J-10MT-10KHZ uses the same novel, diffuse metallic coating as other high repetition rate EnergyMax Series sensors, which incorporates automatic spectral compensation over 193nm to 2,100nm. The 10mm diameter sensor is plug and play compatible with Coherent’s LabMax, 3sigma, EPM1000 and EPM2000 meters, thus offering a wide variety of measurement options in terms of capabilities and cost. Sensor reliability is enhanced by a 3m long moulded cable with bend and strain relief which protects the unit against rough handling. The rugged and reliable J-10MT-10KHZ is suitable for a wide variety of measurement tasks in both the research and manufacturing environments.