Raman Work Station

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Kaiser Optical Systems has released the Raman Work Station, part of the Raman Rxn Systems suite of analysers.

The Raman Work Station incorporates Kaiser's Phat technology, which removes sampling irreproducibility and focus sensitivity in Raman sampling of solids and crystals. Phat technology measures a representative sample volume while reducing local laser power density, eliminating concerns over sample damage. Laser power density is also below the ANSI recommended exposure limit for skin.

The Raman analyser is equipped for automated high-throughput screening with varying spot sizes available from 7 to 1mm. Kaiser's universal fibre optic sampling station interface is built into the analyser, allowing a basic version to be expanded for in-situ reaction analysis, remote solids sampling, or micron-level imaging. This extends the analyser's capability from the millimetre sampling domain to the micron.