J-50MB-IR EnergyMax Sensor

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Coherent has introduced a laser pulse energy sensor specifically optimised for use with medical lasers that combines high accuracy, high damage threshold, and a large active area. The new J-50MB-IR EnergyMax Sensor measures laser beam diameters up to 30mm from 1mJ to 3J, over the 500nm to 3µm spectral range. The device is optimised for use with long pulse, infrared lasers, making it compatible with the Holmium (2100nm), Erbium (2940nm), Ruby (694nm) and Nd:YAG (532nm and 1,064nm) lasers commonly used for hair removal and other aesthetic dermatological treatments and dental procedures.

The J-50MB-IR combines Coherent’s unique MaxBlack coating and a large area pyroelectric detector, together with a set of integrated diffusers, to achieve a damage threshold that, Coherent claims, is five times higher than those available from  competing products. Furthermore, built in spectral compensation delivers an energy measurement accuracy of ±3 per cent over the entire 500nm to 3µm spectral range, which, according to Coherent, is more than twice the accuracy of any other sensor available for this wavelength range.

The J-50MB-IR offers convenience and flexibility; it is compact, yet offers a large active area, enabling it to measure large beams and to be used in small spaces.