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Sapphire series digital delay pulse generator

The Sapphire series digital delay pulse generator, available from Photonic Solutions, comes with two or four independent outputs and is for applications that require moderate precision and multi-channel capability.

The instrument offers a complete set of channel operating modes including continuous, single shot, burst, and duty cycle. When combined with an external trigger/gate input and output multiplexer, this allows for a full range of complex output waveforms. With an intuitive, streamlined graphical user interface, control of timing parameters and a quick recall of up to six system configurations is possible. Complete control of the Sapphire is provided through the standard USB interface. Bluetooth wireless capabilities are optional with this unit. With the Bluetooth option, users can control the instrument wirelessly using the included software application, Comm Terminal or other terminal programme. This feature allows for communication with Bluetooth equipped devices, such as laptops and some tablets or smartphones.


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