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Jenoptik has launched the JenLas, a new laser that offers the required laser output for medical and entertainment applications, but at a reduced size. Jenoptik has further developed the diode-pumped, green thin-disk laser, which has a proven track record particularly in the medical field. With a simultaneous improvement in beam quality, the laser has been reduced in size by a scale of 3.5.

With an output power of 2W the new JenLas is a further development of the JenLas D2.x technology. The main areas of use are medical technology as well as show applications. The marked reduction in volume and extremely compact look makes the laser even more attractive for use in the medical field. In addition to use in the field of ophthalmology applications for the laser treatments are now being increasingly extended to the areas of laser endoscopies and dermatology. Additional benefits for the clients include efficient mass production as well as easy integration of the robust laser into various systems, including those of smaller dimensions.