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JenLas fibre series

Jenoptik has introduced the JenLas fibre OEM series offering ns- or CW-fibre lasers for a wide range of laser material processing applications. JenLas fibre CW series (50-400W) provides powerful CW fibre lasers with modulation rates of up to 100kHz. The lasers emit with high brilliance even at power levels as high as 400W while maintaining excellent beam quality (M2<1.1).

The systems are suited to a variety of laser material processing applications, including marking, drilling or tempering. The lasers are available in air-cooled or water-cooled versions and are easy to integrate with an industrial slide-in rack due to their standard 19-inch design.

With excellent modulation capability, these lasers can also handle demanding materials such as copper foil. An extra option is available for the modulation process to run in a stable mode. This yields reproducible processing quality on a superior level. Another supplementary setting facilitates a high degree of laser stability even in the lower power range.


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