Jenoptik-Votan BIM

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From 16 to 21 September the Lasers and Material Processing Division of Jenoptik will be promoting its innovative solution for 3D-metal working, Jenoptik-Votan BIM, at the Schweissen und Schneiden trade fair in Essen.

The system is aimed mostly at the automotive industry, for processing complex 3D-body and construction components and three dimensionally formed tubes, e.g. for exhaust systems. Further possible applications are the 3D-laser cutting of thin metal parts, as well as sophisticated cutting of profiles.

The core element of the system is the laser robot arm with a completely integrated laser beam. The laser coupling is located at the base of the robot so that the transport fiber does not move with the arm. This minimises otherwise cost-intensive maintenance and replacement and also streamlines the system overall. The lightweight laser cutting head weighs in at only 5kg, making it easy to access the narrowest spaces. The high levels of path accuracy and the very high dynamics of the system required for 3D-metal working can only be achieved by such construction design. With a repetitive accuracy of ±100 µm, the Jenoptik laser machine is one of the most precise machines in its class.­

The movements of the axis of the laser arm of Jenoptik are between 30 to 60 per cent faster than the current standards and enable significantly shorter cycle times when compared to conventional laser robots used in metal working.­