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Laser Components has implemented its pulsed laser diodes in a small, shielded metal housing, while operation of the Cube modules only requires a trigger signal and a standard 12 VDC voltage supply.

The L-Cube houses powerful pulsed laser diodes, available in three wavelengths: 850nm (up to 10W), 905nm (up to 200W), and 1550nm (up to 40W).

Both the power and the pulse length between 30ns and 150ns can be flexibly adjusted, either via rotary potentiometers directly at the housing or digitally on the computer via an RS232 port. This provides flexibility in picking the device parameters and also makes it possible to vary certain parameters during operation.

Another advantage of the L-Cube is that with a single pulsed laser module, a wide range of pulse duration and pulse power combinations can be achieved. OEM versions and custom modules of all Cube models are available upon request.