Lakit Series

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Newport has released its Lakit Series, a family of laser power alignment tuning kits. Ideal for laser tuning and alignment in research setups, the kit includes the new 1917-R laser power meter and a broad selection of optical detectors, making it easier for the researcher to match the laser type. Each kit contains an optical power meter, a detector, and the corresponding mounting assembly to simplify product selection and setup and to reduce costs.

The Lakit Series tuning kits utilise three types of detectors: silicon (Si), germanium (Ge), or thermopile. They operate in wavelength ranges from 200nm to 10.6µm, and up  to 100W average power. The 918D Series is designed for low power lasers (<2W/cm2) and operates in the visible or in the infrared spectrum. It features an integrated OD3 attenuator to increase the measurement dynamic range.

The 818P Series thermopile detectors are an ideal choice for measuring the average power for high power lasers that operate both in continuous wave and pulsed modes. The broadband flat spectral response ranges from 0.19 to 11µm, with high damage threshold and very high sensitivity to optical power.