Laser Components expands production plant for PbS and PbSe detectors

LASER COMPONENTS has announced the significant expansion of our R&D and production capabilities expanding our range of IR components. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, LASER COM­PONENTS Detector Group has opened a development division and production plant for PbS and PbSe detectors; showing that LASER COMPONENTS continues to establish itself as a world leading manufacturer of IR products.

Patrick Paul, general manager of the group explains: "Since its founding in 1982, Laser Components (LC) has specialised in IR components. Its collective know-how is exten­sive. Customers now profit from our in-house production facilities worldwide. As we offer IR detectors that implement different technologies, it is possible for our customers to always find their ideal solution. Gas measurements, for example, can be carried out using InGaAs, PbS/PbSe and pyroelectric detectors. Depending on what exactly needs to be measured, one technology is more ideal than the other. The advantage of individualised assistance can be offered by very few other manufacturers; we not only offer this help but also manufacture custom products."

Following preliminary testing by selected customers our PbS/PbSe detector’s performance has been approved, with production starting immediately. Working together with Arizona State University (ASU) to produce inventive fabrication techniques, new detector designs and automated production processes; LASER COMPONENTS is now an industry leader in PbS/PbSe manufacturing producing detectors with high sensitivity. "We can truly say that we will advance the state of the art." comments Dragan Grubisic, Laser Components Detector Group.

The products will be introduced to the market at Photonics West 2015 in San Francis­co, USA.