Laser design competition launched

Jeanologia, a company specialized in the development of sustainable and efficient industrial technologies, launched a design competition on the occasion of the 2015 International Year  of Light declared by the UN. The aim is to attract brilliant young people into the optics and photonics to ensure a future generation of engineers and innovators in the field of laser.

The initiative seeks to encourage the creation of laser-based companies (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation). Therefore, best ideas based on TRL 6 (Technology Readiness Level) will be selected in order to become a real company.

Contest may be joined by research centres, universities and non-profit organizations throughout Spain. And the projects presented may be based on any type of laser (solid state, fibre, CO2). Neither the sector in which this technology is applied is limited. In any case, they must provide a report on technical and economic feasibility.

The application of laser technology is already an essential part of sectors such as textiles, telecommunications, medicine and daily life with barcode readers in supermarkets or eye surgery.

The deadline to register for the ideas competition is the30th of June 2015. Registration can be performed trough website of Jeanologia. In this first stage, participants should describe their idea, fields of interest where to apply it, and contribution of their projects to innovation and feasibility.

The presentation of the development of the project may be made until 20 October 2015. In this second stage, shortlisted teams will need to further explain their ideas and provide an investment planning.

Finally, the selected teams must present their projects in front of the Judging Panel. This third phase will take place in November 2015.

The winning team will obtain a cash award of 6,000 euros and Jeanologia’s support in setting up the idea for a year.

The process of selection and evaluation of innovative ideas of the competition will be accomplished by a jury composed of personalities from the business, financial world and research leaded by Ramon Sans, President of SECPhO and R & D Director of Jeanologia. The jury's decision will be announced through the website and through communication to participants in the third stage of the competition.