Laser Diode Driver (cLDD)

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Multiwave Photonics has released the latest version of its compact laser diode driver. 

The Multiwave Compact Laser Diode Driver (cLDD) is an all-in-one unit that combines (a) a user interchangeable mount appropriate for a laser diode, SLED, SOA or similar device, (b) a low noise current driver and (c) a TEC controller, all in a self-contained enclosure of exceptional design, engineering and convenience.

The product includes a USB port and a user-friendly software application for real-time device monitoring, control and data logging, and can be operated in any one of three modes: a stand-alone, using the built-in keypad and display to change and/or monitor the mode of operation - either constant current or constant power - and/or the set points for device current, power and temperature; secondly, connected to a computer via its USB port and fully controlled by the included software application that provides a virtual instrument user interface offering real-time readouts and data logging; or, thirdly, as part of an automated setup via its USB port.