MOPA-L Eye-safe Pulsed Fibre Laser

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Multiwave Photonics has launched an eye-safe pulsed fibre laser designed and developed specifically to address lidar and remote sensing applications. 

The new MOPA-L is based on an all-fibre MOPA (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) architecture and generates more than 5kW peak power, single frequency, short (~3ns) pulses at 1,550nm.

The MOPA-L is based on an all-single mode fibre design ensuring a pure diffraction limited beam quality.

The MOPA-L is extremely compact and is offered either as a OEM module or as a fully integrated IEC/CDRH compliant laser system, incorporating an integrated power supply and control unit for easy laser installation, turn-on, operation and control. The system is conductively cooled via forced air-cooling or any other applicable means.