Lasers for military markets

Frankfurt Laser Company has introduced a wide range of laser diodes, superluminescent diodes, and integrated modules aimed at military and space markets.

The company's laser diodes emitting in the near-IR wavelength band are available with power outputs up to 2W, and demonstrate stable operation in -60ºC to +70ºC temperature ranges in both CW and long pulse mode. Laser diodes are available in TO-3 housing, with both free space and optical fibre output. The company states that applications include military beacons and target designators, open-air communications, IR illumination, 3D alignment, and range-finding.  

Defence laser modules from Frankfurt Laser Company are easy to use, plug-and-play systems designed for target designation and illumination. The company's specially constructed laser diode modules can be equipped to emit either green, red or IR light. The military-qualified range can withstand shock of up to 500g features a pointing stability of less than 0.5mrad, over a temperature range -35 to +55°C. The module comes with optics as standard, and give a round spot with beam divergence of less than 0.5mrad. The units can also be supplied in a water/dust-proof, hermetically sealed housing.

The company's superluminescent diodes are available in the 810-1670nm wavelength range, and feature a wide emission spectrum, low ripple (less than one per cent) and negligible secondary coherence subpeaks. Superluminescent diodes are supplied in industry standard cooled (TO-3, DIL-14 and butterfly) and un-cooled (TO-56, SOT-148, coaxial) free space and fibre-coupled packages.