LCA-B Series

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Laser Components is distributing Femto Messetechnik's LCA-B Series, an ultra-low noise and low cost current amplifier, which is ideal for OEM applications.

The amplifier has a fully shielded circuit design for exceptional low-noise performance. Mechanical highlights include: SMA input and output connectors with a BNC adaptor included, remote control gain/low pass, screw or plug in terminals for power supply and digital control, mounting holes to affix the board, small size with dimensions 70 x 56 x 16mm. Electrical highlights include: gain from 106 V/A up to 1010 V/A with each unit switchable over two gain stages, bandwidth DC, 2MHz, input noise min. 7 fA/Hz, switchable low-pass filter for low-noise measurement. There are four off-the-shelf versions with the option of customisation. The LCA-B Series has been optimised as an OEM unit suitable as a high volume product with the option to build into a multi-channel unit.

Typical applications include preamplifer for oscilloscopes, A/D converters, STM, photodiode amplifier.