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LEPAS-12 Digital Optical Beam Acquisition and Analysis System

Hamamatsu Photonics LEPAS-12 Digital Optical Beam Acquisition and Analysis System is designed for optical beam measurements, featuring high sensitivity and high resolution.

With the combination of software and specific separate optics for near and far field analysis, the LEPAS-12 enables measurement of parameters such as laser beam diameter, intensity distribution of LED pulse emission, ellipticity, numerical aperture (NA), beam position and fibre collimators with high accuracy.

The LEPAS-12 is equipped with a high dynamic digital range CCD camera, which provides images of optical beam measurement. The results of these measurements and analysis are represented in an XY profile data display, 2D equiluminance display, 3D display and beam parameter display.

The LEPAS-12 is suitable for a wide variety of applications including optical communications and test and measurement to enhance the performance of light sources.


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