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The LICS06 Laser Interlock Control System, from Photonic Solutions, is a flexible, failsafe method of controlling access to areas where a laser hazard may exist. The system is ideally suited for use with laser of any power or type.

The LICS06 system employs a security keypad entry system and interlocked doors to ensure only authorised users can gain access where laser radiation or high voltage hazards may exist. Up to four individual entry points can be monitored by a single system, each with security keypad entry panel and press to exit panel, mechanical door switches and illuminated laser warning signs.

Designed with a number of safety features, systems are supplied in kit form to enable the user to configure the system according to the design of their laser areas. The kit allows up to three laser warning lights to be operated and fails to open circuit (safe condition). The LICS06 may also be configured as locking or non-locking type of laser interlock system.

Key features include: isolated control of up to six lasers; internal over-ride facility for exit with audible warning; daisy chain configurations available; can be connected to external shutters or interlock controllers; force guided relays for all critical safety outputs; double contact/redundant contacts for laser outputs; dystem integrity checking - weld detection circuitry and warning system; and master keyswitch control.

The LICS06 and all peripherals are designed with strict safety principles, and all in accordance to applicable European safety standards required for the use of potentially hazardous laser systems.