Limited Edition Optical Tables

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Newport Corporation has released a range of limited edition optical table systems to commemorate its 40th anniversary.   

The collection of limited edition optical tables feature enriched graphic side panels that celebrate the company's heritage in laser research and aerospace. Two families of tables, the RS4000 and RS2000, are each available with two designs. The RS4000, a high performance passively damped table, will be offered in two versions, Moonwalk and Crystal. The RS2000, Newport's equivalent to competitors' top-of-the-line models, will also be offered in the Crystal graphic and a colourful design called Spectrum. The RS2000 panel graphics pay tribute to the earliest developments in laser technologies and holography.
The table systems are bundled together with a set of Newport Stabilizer Series pneumatic isolators and a free, table setup kit which includes an assortment of core lab tools and a table setup video, which is preloaded on an iPod Nano for easy viewing during on-site installation.