LIMO 350W pump modules

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The fibre-coupled high-power-diode-laser LIMO300-F600-DL940 and LIMO350-F400-DL940, from Limo, emit 300W out of a 600µm fibre core and 350W out of a 400µm fibre core, respectively. The compact and cost-effective diode laser devices are optimised for pumping Yb lasers, e.g. Yb:YAG disc lasers. Thus, the spectral width is limited to 4nm.

The solid design according to ISO9022 guidelines provides a reliable operation of the pump module under industrial conditions. All modules are configured with laser bars. Therefore, a simple passive cooling is available and the power stability is higher compared to stack-based diode lasers.

In addition, Limo offers further pump sources at 793, 808, 880, 915, 940, and 980nm with laser power from 20 to 1,000W. The modules are available as fibre-coupled versions and as collimated diode lasers. Accessories like optical fibres, power supplies and chillers are also available for fast and easy system integration.