Low pressure sodium monochromatic light units

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Knight Optical adds to their portfolio a new range of low pressure sodium monochromatic light units, used for testing fringe patterns on the surface of optical flats (Newton’s rings).

Our monochromatic light units use a low pressure sodium light source which allows for very economic running costs and a long operating life. The effective monochromatic wavelength is sodium 5896A, so λ/2 is approximately 0.3 microns.

We provide three types of Monochromatic light units, standard, enhanced and floor standing monolight. Light weight and compact, these units can be easily transported from one area to another as needed.

We also supply a range of quartz and zerodur optical flats both single sided and dual faced. Available in three grades, lambda/4, lambda/8 and lambda/16 to meet all applications.

Optical flat reconditioning and re-certification

Optical flats can become cloudy or damaged through normal use. Knight Optical’s new reconditioning and re-certification service can repair your Optical flats for less than the cost of a new part.