SLED at 880nm

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AMS Technologies has launched the extension of Exalos family of powerful Superluminescent Light Emitting Diodes (SLEDs) with the new 880nm SLED (EXS8810).

SLEDs are semiconductor light sources that combine the spatial coherence of a laser diode with the temporal incoherence of an LED.

The 880nm SLEDs typically exhibit 2.5mW optical power in a single mode fibre and 40nm, 3dB spectral bandwidth. The standard light sources are delivered in a 14-pin butterfly housing with a built-in monitor diode and TEC. The optical fibre is terminated with a FC/APC connector.

Due to the high output power and extremely wide bandwidth EXALOS 880nm SLED is especially suited for medical imaging, fibre optic sensor and instrumentation applications.