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The LPKF LQ-Smart is a two-piece laser welding system with a small workbench footprint.

The compact 19-inch control housing measuring 55 x 60 x 60cm is much smaller than previous laser welding systems. It can be hidden beneath the workbench and servicing is simplified by the redesigned maintenance pull-outs.

The LQ-Smart is designed for manual welding at the workplace. The laser-tight system consisting of a lower and upper drawer is specified for manual welding. Configured for a tool-less clamping device changer, as a stand-alone-system it complies with Laser Class 1. The LQ-Smart is also for integration within users’ own production lines. The compact processing head only needs a small amount of space, but still boasts all the features that characterise a laser welding system for joining plastic components. These are long service life, precision and processing dependability.