LumiBright FC fibre-coupled LED light engine

Innovations in Optics has introduced a new model into its product line of LumiBright FC fibre-coupled LED light engines. The Model 2400B-510 is an OEM light engine that provides luminous power for optical fibre and liquid light guides.

The Model 2400B-510 is designed for fibre and light guide input apertures sized from 1.0 to 3.0mm in diameter. The product features patented technologies that encompass non-imaging optics with LED chip-on-board (COB) metallic substrates to provide both optimum luminous efficacy and thermal management.

The 2400B-510 is suited for OEM endoscope and microscope illuminator applications. It provides a nominal correlated colour temperature of 4,700K and can emit up to 600 lumens through its 3mm diameter aperture with no UV or IR emissions. Typical light engine system accessories include thermal management devices, wire harnesses, and driver/controllers. Custom connectors and light guide ferrule holders can be designed and manufactured upon request.