Luphos joins Taylor Hobson

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Taylor Hobson has acquired Luphos, providing the company with key non-contact metrology technology used in the measurement of complex aspherical lenses and optical surfaces. This technology expands the Taylor Hobson's metrology capabilities across a wider range of applications.

Absolute distance measurement with nanometer precision based on Multiwavelength interferometry

Luphos offers ultra-precise non-contact distance measurement for highest demand in industrial fabrication, quality control and scientific research. The technology features nanometer precision even with large working distances and working ranges and also the possibility of absolute position determination within a range of 1mm.

The core technology is the multiwavelength interferometry (MWLI) uniquely offered by Luphos.


The LuphoSmart measurement system is an ultra-precise, non-contact distance measurement system based on the technology of mulitwavelength interferometry (MWLI) patented by Luphos. It exists as a stand-alone system to be used as a flexible tool in industrial fabrication and quality control, or as an OEM-system to be implemented in new or already existing machinery or apparatuses.

LuphoScan 120, 260 and LuphoScan 420

With the LuphoScan platform Luphos offers a full stand-alone metrology system for the non-contact measurement of the topology of spheric and aspheric optical components. The scanning method allows an ultra-precise measurement of rotational symmetric objects either with simple spheric or with very complex aspheric shape. The size of the objects can be as small as 2mm and as large as 420mm.

LuphoSpin system concept

The LuphoSpin system concept outlines all application possibilities to implement the LuphoSmart technology for high precision, non-contact measurement of roundness and concentricity. The large working distance and adapted software allow for the direct and nanometer precise determination of roundness of objects or the true-running of precision axes.

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