M-660 PILine piezo motor rotation stage

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Physik Instrumente (PI) has released the M-660 PILine piezo motor rotation stage, which provides rapid positioning for applications, including microscopy and mass storage solutions. The high speed U-164 PILine linear motors offer speeds of up to two rotations per second, with a maximum torque of up to 0.3Nm. Direct transmission onto the ceramic friction ring makes the stage compact and self-locking when at rest, allowing loads of up to 1kg.

The M-660 offers unlimited travel, has a maximum velocity of 720o/s and is only 15mm high. Stage position can be controlled to 34μrad resolution using the direct metrology encoder and, in combination with the self-locking design, provides significantly higher position stability than classical stepper or DC motors. The stage has an aperture of 35mm, making it suitable for the positioning of transmitting optical components, and it can be combined with PI linear stages to build a compact multi-axis system.