Magnetic Base Beam Block Tool Holder

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Newport Corporation has released the BB-L magnetic-base beam block tool holder.

The BB-L is a multi-function accessory for the lab, combining the features of a beam blocker and beam aligner with a ball driver tool holder.

The front surface of the BB-L has a grid pattern of 0.25-inch squares, which can be used as a reference for aligning or levelling an optical beam. Numbers are printed on the edge of the grid pattern indicating height, in inches, above the table surface. Promoting eye safety, unused or stray beams can be easily blocked using the BB-L. Two sets of four holes (eight in total) are provided in the top for mounting various sizes of ball drivers either English or metric. Made from black-anodised aluminum alloy its design also incorporates a three-element magnetic base to allow quick and stable placement on to the stainless steel surface of an optical table. For permanent mounting, the base has a slot for fastening to an optical table.