SCG-800-CARS supercontinuum-generating device

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Newport Corporation has introduced a new supercontinuum-generating fibre device optimised for coherent anti-stokes Raman scattering spectrography (CARS). Designed for use with 800nm femtosecond lasers, the SCG-800-CARS contains 12cm of highly non-linear photonic crystal fibre, with zero dispersion points at ~775 and ~945nm.

Two closely-spaced, zero-dispersion wavelengths enable a stable, low-noise supercontinuum generation that also allows control of the spectral shape by tuning the pump wavelength. The fibre ends are sealed and mounted in quartz ferrules, with the polarisation axis aligned to a line on the end of the device. The non-linear supercontinuum fibre is mounted in a robust, 25mm diameter, 120mm long aluminium housing which can be easily mounted on a translation stage. The innovative, pre-assembled product features a sealed end-facet with beam expansion for easy coupling, making this an ideal, turnkey solution for spectroscopy and microscopy applications.