Alliant fibre laser

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Newport Corporation's Spectra-Physics Lasers Division has introduces its first industrial fibre laser product, the Alliant fibre laser. Developed with Newport’s extensive experience in diode laser and fibre technology, this rugged and compact 100W infrared laser features high single-mode beam quality and wall-plug efficiency, delivering high brightness ideal for high precision industrial machining applications such as precision cutting, spot and seam welding, and metal sintering.

The Alliant fibre laser features flexible power control for continuous wave (CW) to modulated operating mode for application-specific requirements. The Alliant is based on the company’s ProLite Xt high-brightness laser diodes, which offer exceptional reliability, brightness and power. Extensively tested for 24/7 operation, the new fibre laser is designed for reliable and long-lifetime operation in rigorous, industrial environments. Packaged in a rugged, rack-mount enclosure, the laser is designed for easy integration into industrial systems.