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Foba Laser Marking and Engraving has introduced MarkUSTM, a high-performance laser marking software with intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces full of distinctive features.

MarkUSTM is compatible with the majority of Foba's laser marking systems and machines and supports the control of up to three axes, including a rotary axis. Foba's new software for laser marking is available in English, German, Spanish, French and Italian. Other languages, such as Chinese, will follow soon.

MarkUSTM comes with a suite of three powerful programs with several configurable user levels: MarkUSTM Designer is an easy-to-use graphic design software interface for creating, editing and setting up laser marking jobs; MarkUSTM Runtime is the intuitive user interface and high-performance laser control software for the start, stop and production of laser markings; and MarkUSTM Administrator is the interface for system setup and configuration.

MarkUSTM comes with a built-in grayscale image support for the convenient creation of grayscale markings and features add-on capabilities, such as remote control via TCP/IP, Profibus or serial communication for increased automation and productivity.