MOPA lasers

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Genia Photonics has introduced a family of versatile, high-performance, fibre-based MOPA (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) lasers that deliver short, high-frequency pulses in the picosecond regime. The picosecond MOPA laser family offers quick and easy access to all the key laser operating parameters, providing simplicity to a wide range of tasks and applications such as micromachining, etching, and ablation.

Beyond the benefits of high frequency picosecond pulses, Genia's MOPA family enables a fibre-based platform with no moving parts to wear down and no free-space optics to be aligned. The design offers a choice of a fixed or a variable wavelength seed source that combines with a chain of amplifiers into a compact unit available in either a table-top or 19-inch rack-mount configuration. The unit utilises an optical-fibre output that keeps the light guided up to the target and the fibre-based platform enables the unit to be easily and reliably transported to where it is needed. Plug-and-play operation makes it simple to install and use under the control of an ordinary PC and the accompanying graphical user interface (GUI) gives the user an easy way to control the laser's configuration and operation. The GUI also provides a clearly visible indication of laser status.
The MOPA's output power, pulse frequency, pulse duration, and pulse energy are all user configurable during operation, but customers must specify the range for these parameters at time of order. Output maximum average power options include 100mW, 1W, 5W, 10W, 20W, and 30W; pulse width options can be either a fixed value from 20psec through 500psec or a variable range of either 20-40,  40-150, and 150-500psec; and pulse repetition rate ranges can be selectable from within the 100kHz to 200MHz range.