Measurement system for 300mm optics

4D Technology has introduced a suite of products for high quality, low cost measurement of 300mm diameter optics.

The suite of 300mm components includes a compact, high performance 100mm to 300mm beam expander, which can be used in horizontal or look-down measurement configurations. Kinematic mounting makes it possible to remove the AccuFiz for free-standing operation, then to return it to the beam expander with no need for re-alignment. A visible coarse alignment laser is also available to position the reference quickly and test optics for rapid test setup.

The new 300mm rotational mounts provide highly repeatable tip, tilt and rotation control of the test and reference optics. Precise adjustments enable three-flat testing when extremely high accuracy measurement is required. The external phase shifting mount adds the ability to measure in remote cavity setups. All components were optimised for the AccuFiz, but can also be adapted for use with other manufacturers' 100mm aperture interferometers.