MEMS component manufacturer

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As the European distributor for Sercalo Microtechnology, a European MEMS component manufacturer, AMS Technologies has released Sercalo’s polarisation-maintaining MEMS switches.

As well as the standard telecom fibre, Sercalo’s MEMS switches are available with special single-mode and multimode fibres for various wavelengths between 500 and 1700nm. The family has now been extended to include Polarisation Maintaining MEMS switches.

These PM switches form part of the SX series. They are available in latching or non-latching 1 x 1, 1 x 2 and 2 x 2 variants, are small in size, lightweight, low insertion loss with high polarisation extinction ratio greater than 20dB.

These switches offer the reliability, switching speed, repeatability, stability and vibration insensitivity that is required for the targeted applications, such as coherent detection, sensing systems, instrumentation and defence radar.