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The new Micra-10 from Coherent is a one-box ultra-fast laser oscillator able to deliver more than 750mW of broadband output power. As with other members of the Micra product family, this wide spectral bandwidth (more than 75nm from the Micra-10) can be externally compressed to produce pulses in the 10fs to 15fs range. In addition, Micra-10 offers centre wavelength tuneability, as well as user-adjustable spectral bandwidth.

Micra-10 is a one-box laser in which the Verdi green pump laser and the broadband Ti:S ultra-fast oscillator are integrated within a single housing for ease of operation.  

With its broadband output and high power, the Micra-10 is well suited to demanding research applications such as high harmonic generation, THz imaging, optical coherence tomography, and time-resolved spectroscopy.

The Micra family is compatible with a full suite of enabling accessories and options, including RF synchronisation, carrier-envelope phase stabilisation,  pulse shaping and pulse compression.