Mightex multi-wavelength dynamic spatial illuminator

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Mightex multi-wavelength dynamic spatial illuminator (DSI) integrates state-of-the-art spatial light modulators and high-power LEDs using a proprietary Etendue-preserving optical design to deliver high-intensity illumination patterns with diffraction-limited resolution.

A Texas Instruments’ DLP spatial light modulator is used to display a user defined image pattern. At the heart of the DSI is a unique optical system that carefully delivers light from LED sources to the DLP panel and then through a microscope to the specimen plane. Such a systematic approach makes it possible to achieve maximum optical intensity while maintaining diffraction-limited imaging performance. Temporal performance is a key to many intended applications for DSI. With a frame rate of more than 4,000 fps and fast-switching LEDs, Mightex DSI can deliver illumination patterns with micro-second precision. Advanced DSI models with external LED controllers also enable wavelength switching in between illumination patterns at the highest frame rate.