M1 LaserCusing System

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Concept Laser has launched its M1 LaserCusing system, to be distributed by ES Technology, which is responsible for the marketing, sales, servicing and support of the full range of Concept Laser products throughout the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

The enhanced entry level M1 system is aimed at die casters, tool makers, contract manufacturers and model makers. Offering a practical and affordable entry into the world of LaserCusing, the M1 system is capable of producing complex 3D components in a range of hot work steels, inconel and stainless steel.

The new M1 system has a work envelope increased in size to 250 x 250 x 250mm (150 x 150 x 200mm previously). The system also has a newly developed 200W fibre laser which enables a significant reduction in component construction time and also generates smoother and brighter surface finishes on the completed parts. In common with all LaserCusing systems, the M1 produces parts with almost 100 per cent density.

Laser processing takes place in an atmosphere controlled area within the machine and the system is capable of producing layer thicknesses of between 20µm and 80µm. The semi- automated powder handling system incorporated within the machine keeps operator contact with the powder to a minimum, and the finished components are presented to the operator at the separate preparation and handling station.