Ultra-G green lasers

AMS Technologies has announced that it has become the European distributor of the Ultra-G range of green lasers, manufactured by Laser Operations as part of its QPC Lasers product family. The Ultra-G features the QPC Lasers BrightLock - a monolithic chip wavelength-stabilisation technology.

The company states that the Ultra-G laser is compact, cost-effective, and passively cooled, operating over a wide temperature range for demanding applications. The laser is well suited to applications in defence (non-lethal visual disruption), medical (dermatology and ophthalmology) and high power displays (projection laser displays).

The BrightLock Ultra-G Medica model laser is a fibre-coupled source delivering more than 3W CW at 532nm in a narrow, core-detachable delivery fibre. The laser has features for the medical market, such as a low-power aiming beam, fibre detector, and removable blast shield for applications in dermatology and ophthalmology. Additionally, the BrightLock Ultra-G is available as an energy efficient, compact and ruggedised laser, delivering a collimated beam of up to 6W CW of visible green light at 532nm.

The Ultra-G 532nm lasers are the latest addition to the QPC’s Ultra product line of efficient, compact, passively-cooled high brightness modules, which incorporate QPC’s BrightLase and BrightLock proprietary semiconductor laser chip technologies at wavelengths ranging from 532nm to 1,920nm.