Titan Infinity CW 355nm DPSS laser

German distributor AMS Technologies has introduced the Titan Infinity series manufactured by California-based company DPSS Lasers. The solid state laser outputs true-CW 355nm UV at up to 200mW. Typical applications include flow cytometry, confocal microscopy, bio-fluorescence, biological threat detection, photo bleaching and inspection.

The Titan Infinity targets applications that were previously supported by mode-locked lasers, simply due to absence of real CW UV lasers with sufficient power. Key advantages of this new UV laser system are its excellent beam quality (M² < 1.3) for best resolution as well as ultra low noise (<1 per cent rms) and high stability (5 per cent at 8 hours) for stable operation. Compared to common quasi-CW 355nm lasers, the company believes that the Titan Infinity is very affordable.